1. Using online resources and/or other research, familiarize yourself with the South Korean pop (K-pop) group Girls’ Generation and find your favorite song / video from their work that has an easily s

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1. Using online resources and/or other research, familiarize yourself with the South Korean pop (K-pop) group Girls’ Generation and find your favorite song / video from their work that has an easily shareable URL that can be viewed by your classmates.

  • The South Korean pop group Girls’ Generation has been a phenomenal success across many parts of Asia since it hit the scene in 2007. They have been compared to the sensation that was created in the 1960s by the Beatles.
  • Using the internet, find out as much information as possible about Girls’ Generation. Use the guiding questions in #2 below to guide your research.
  • Suggested resources (be sure to cite these sources too if you reference them):

2. Carefully listen to a few Girls’ Generation songs and critically examine their components, style, context, and influence. You may also wish to refer back to the Module 6 Required Online Exploration resources as well as the required pages in your textbook.

3. Do research and find the relevant information required in step 3. Be sure to cite the websites, books, textbook, etc. where you found the information.

4. Now that you’ve carefully examined band Girls’ Generation, their work, and their critical reception, write a new thread of at least 200 words, in which you:

  1. Provide a brief biography of the band.
  2. Describe the band’s style of music.
  3. Identify at least one musician, band or musical style that has influenced the musical work of Girls’ Generation. (Consider similarities in components, style, and/or context).
  4. Indicate how you came to that conclusion and include specific evidence from the text, your research, your online exploration, and your chosen song that supports your arguments.
  5. Identify your favorite song by Girls’ Generation and indicate why it’s your favorite.
  6. Include the URL (hyperlink) to your favorite Girls’ Generation song.
  7. Using your knowledge of musical components, styles, and history, explain why this band stayed popular for eight years in Asia given that no other exclusively female band has lasted more than just a few years in America.

5. Read at least two of your classmates’ original posts, and write replies of at least 50 words per reply to at least two different classmates (total of 100 words), in which you:

  • Identify at least one additional similarity or influence on Girl’ Generation’s musical work that was not already identified by your classmate. Include evidence supporting your argument and cite your source(s).

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