160.A ______________________ incurs costs without directly generating revenues….

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______________________ incurs costs without directly generating revenues.

161.A _____________________________ provides information for
managers to use to evaluate the profitability or cost effectiveness of each
department’s activities.

162.A __________________________ helps control costs and
expenses and evaluates managers’ performance by assigning costs and expenses to
the managers responsible for controlling them.

163.Samm’s Department Store
operates three departments (A, B and C). If total costs of $4,500 are to be
allocated on the basis of square feet of space (Dept. A = 1,500 Sq. Ft.; Dept.
B = 900 Sq. Ft.; Dept. C = 600 Sq. Ft.) then Dept A’s share (in percent) of the
$4,500 cost would be __________%; Dept. B would be ________%, and Dept C would
be ____________%. The amount of cost allocated to Dept. C would be $__________.

164.A ______________________________ accumulates and reports
costs and expenses that a manager is responsible for, including budgeted

165.___________________ are costs incurred to produce or
purchase two or more products at the same time.

166.A(n) _______________________ is a department whose manager
is responsible for using the center’s assets to generate income for the center.

167.The investment center
return on total assets is __________________________ divided by

168.Billabong Resources provides the following data to enable
you to calculate overhead rates: Machining Department Overhead is $16,000,
which is to be allocated on estimated machine hours of 25,000. The rate per
Machine Hour would be _________________. If Machining cost is to be allocated
to three jobs which consumed A = 3,000 hours, B = 6,000 hours, and C = 1,000
hours respectively; then Job A

should be
charged $__________________; Job B should be charged $___________________; and
Job C $_______________.

169.In the two-stage cost allocation, ______________________
costs are allocated to operating departments, and the operating department
costs are allocated to ______________.

170.A _________________ is
a factor that causes the cost of an activity to go up and down.

171.An activity __________________ is a temporary account
accumulating the costs a company incurs to support an identified set of

172.Under traditional cost
allocation methods, low-volume complex products are often __________________
and high-volume simpler products
are likely to be ______________.

173.The first three steps
in preparing a departmental income statement are: (1) accumulate

of the department, (2) allocate __________________ to the department, and (3)
allocate _____________________ to the operating departments.

174.The ________________________________ is a report of the
amount of sales less direct expenses for a department.


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