2 graphic design projects!

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1. You will design a new flag for a country of your choice. Spend some time researching the symbols, philosophies, and culture of that country. Design a new flag that appropriately represents the country. Be sure to take into consideration the elements and principles of design that you learned in this course. Create your design using Inkscape or image editing software of your choice.

2.Browse through a magazine or newspaper. Choose an advertisement that could be improved that interests you, maybe a plain, text-only ad. Redesign the advertisement adding images, creative borders, or decorative text to make a more interesting and eye-catching advertisement. Be creative but make sure the advertisement serves its main purpose(s) well! Be sure to include contact information such as address, phone numbers, website addresses (you can make this information up). Include a photo of the original ad and your new ad to show how you have changed and improved it. Create your design in Inkscape or another graphic design software program.


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