3.3 Assignment. Cultural Dimensions and Humility

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3.3 Assignment. Cultural Dimensions and Humility

Getting StartedBanner Culture Concept

Culture has a big impact on how we act. The culture in which you grew up likely formed the way in which you think about time, gender roles, risk, and so much more. It is likely that we have all experienced a situation in which we had some misunderstanding with someone due to cultural differences. These situations can range from funny, to uncomfortable, to very frustrating. The more we understand about our own culture and how it has shaped us, the more compassionate and empathetic we will be when interacting with others whose cultures differ from our own. Such a posture is needed by all members if a team is to succeed.

Upon successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to:

· Analyze the impact culture has on teams.



1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.

2. Review the Getting Started and Background Information sections.

3. Read the  Hofstede Cultural Dimension’s(new tab)  article.

4. Review the web tool  Country comparison(new tab) .

5. Watch the following video  Cultural Humility(new tab) :

6. Write a 2-page paper responding to these prompts:

a. Spend about a half-page identifying a team member (can be same person you considered in the devotional reflection) whose culture is different from yours. They could be from a different state, a different region of the United States, or from another country. If they are from another country, or perhaps their parents or grandparents are, use the country comparison to compare your country of origin to theirs. Which of the six cultural dimensions do you think you and this person differ on the most? Explain what makes you think you differ in your perceptions of this dimension

b. Spend half a page considering a cultural trait or behavior that they display that seems different than that which you are accustomed to? How would you assess your reactions to that trait or behavior (e.g., how does it make you feel? Comfort level? How do you respond when you see or experience it?.

c. Spend half a page considering how the dominant culture of your team might make them feel out of place. What is something your team could do to make them feel more comfortable? What might you do to increase your comfort level?

d. Spend the final half page considering how could Cultural Humility help your team grow together and be more effective?

7. All papers are to be written and formatted in accordance with APA Guidelines (7th ed.). Papers must be logical, well organized, grammatically correct, and have correct spelling and sentence structure. Write in complete paragraphs of at least three sentences in length.


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