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i need help with Annotated Bibliography assignment.


15-journal articles listed below you are encouraged to complete your own online search through the Becker College library resources. Students are also welcome to do conventional web searches, with the expectation that they critically assess the credibility of site authors and appropriateness of site content for a scholarly audience. Please note that students should pay close attention to the following six specific details in their annotation:

  • The authority and qualifications of the author.
  • The scope and main purpose of the journal article.
  • The relationship of other works, if any, in the field.
  • The major bias or standpoint of author(s)
  • The audience and the level of reading difficulty.
  • Summary comments which include the student’s reaction to the journal article and its implication on their nursing practice.

Students are required to submit a total of 3-annotations. Each annotation should be approximately 500-words. Students are required to upload a copy of each journal article along with their annotated bibliography to the assignment page in the Canvas course room. Each student will have an opportunity to submit a draft of their work for instructor feedback by the end of Module 3. Final submissions for this assignment must be submitted to the Canvas course room by the end of Module 5.

The articles that students select should be from scholarly journals that will contribute to the references utilized for the course project bibliography. Therefore, each group member is required to submit 3-unique articles. Duplicate articles will not be accepted from members of the same working group.

maximum of 30-total points towards the course grade on this assignment.


i will send you attachment,


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