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a.Write a 900 to 1200-word (about 3 to 4-page) thesis-driven (it must be arguable/debatable/ controversial) essay (properly formatted – review handout on paper format) that analyzes the literature (i.e., you would write about how the author uses plot, character, voice, and so on).

b.The general topic is Initiation/Rites of Passage; you must have a specific focus (see steps 1-3 above). You might argue about why this initiation or rite of passage is important, or how it affects the character involved, and then show how the literature demonstrates this.

c.For evidence and support, use material from the literature in this section (“Oedipus the King,” “A&P,” “Doe Season,” “Jabberwocky,” “Rite of Passage,” “Gretel in Darkness,” “Journey of the Magi”). Do NOT use personal experience. Use quotes and paraphrases, and identify the page references (for short stories), line numbers (for poems), and Act, Scene, and Line references (for plays). Any use of secondary (library, Internet) research will result in an automatic zero, with no option to rewrite the essay.


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