A Comparative Ratio Analysis

Harvard University The Clorox Company vs Ecolab Inc Analysis Paper

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For the assignment, students are required to obtain financial statement data, calculate ratios, and perform a ratio analysis for The Clorox Company (CLX) and Ecolab Inc. (ECL). It should be uploaded as a word document on along with the EXCEL data and ratio calculations file.


The report should be typed (Times New Roman 12, double space), the tables should be filled using Times New Roman 10. The report should have the following parts

  • A title page with the title, Term Project and the student name below it. The title page should also include The Clorox Company vs. Ecolab Inc: A Comparative Ratio Analysis
  • A short history for each one of the companies (about one page) in your own words. They should also include a description of their industry and the economic outlook for the aforementioned. Student sources should be the companies’ filings, reputable news sources. They should not include blogs. Plagiarizing will result in a zero grade.
  • The project should include an in-depth comparative ratio analysis through time and against the other company. The analysis should be based on the tables and graphs (at least 2-3 additional pages. When students analyze the ratios, they must explain to the reader the meaning of each ratio. They should analyze the trend of each ratio through time for each company and compare it to the trend of the other company’s corresponding ratio. Include events in the history of a company or the the economy in general that might explain why a ratio dropped or increased substantially and perform this justification for all ratios: best sources, 10-K forms, or Annual reports to shareholders or other filings by the companies.
  • A summary of the two companies’ performance.
  • The two tables and the ratio graphs. Students have the option to include the tables and graphs or portions of the tables within the analysis section of the text.
  • References (at least 10)- APA style of citation

The projects will be graded according to the following weighting scheme

  • 40 percent ratio accuracy
  • 40 percent in-depth ratio analysis
  • 20 percent language and professional appearance of the document

Both the word file and the excel file should be saved with the same name, and that name should be your last name followed by the first letter of your name.

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