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In the last week, you helped me finish an essay. I received a teacher’s evaluation of this essay. You need to modify the essay based on these reviews, just some minor changes. I will send you all the details, thank you.

This is the teacher’s evaluation :

please note all corrections please the first line on the paper must be your name the title must be where you have the word Introduction, then below the title if you wish, the word introduction note your name and those items on the left do not go in bold be certain the third line is the course, not the university then the space between the date and title should be less, only double space para 1 at the same time it depicts magical was picked up but other nationalparag 2 the two stages ranged The crusade typically commenced Expressionism, Cubism (not Cubans, the people of Cuba) NOTE for all of these (Reeds, p. 190). small p. para 2 had run its course. everyday life but began to p. 70). no comma after to Europe alternate? present or presence? para 3 realism is “what happens . .NOTE use double quotations–the only time you use ‘single quotations’ is to show a quotation inside another quotation. to believe” (p ????? the “Conception of the real” para 4 In his book Garcia-Marquez addressed (use this every time) Garcia=Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” (note all short stories go in quotes not italics) para 5 Garcia-Marquez balances that “the full effects . . . .doubt” ( p. 324). para 5 Citing Borges’ work, Warnes “magical realism para 7 the Latin American “Boom” period NOTE use Works Cited but not the word page this is done very well but in Marquez, “A Very Old Man” would be in quotes not italics excellent length .


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