adnan syed trial assignment 1 page paper apa format

Choose 3 of the questions to answer in essay format

Be sure to include in-text citations where appropriate and to cite the textbook as a reference in APA format at the end of your paper

the book is Chaffee, J. (2019). Thinking critically. Boston: Cengage Learning, (89-92)

Pages are in the files below:

1.After reading the initial description of the Adnan Syed trial, would you have found him “guilty” or “not guilty” had you been a member of the jury? Explain the reasoning process that would have led you to that conclusion.

2. In her article, “The Immigrant Bias: Reflecting on Serial” Amy R. Grenier argues that anti-Muslim prejudice not only influenced the police investigation of Syed, but was also used by the prosecutors in a direct attempt to manipulate the jurors’ impressions. Do you think that this is accurate? Why? Is this kind of behavior from the prosecution a requirement of their job?

3. Goleman identifies a number of errors in reasoning that can lead jurors to illogical or unsubstantiated conclusions in their deliberations. Explain which of the following errors in reasoning might have been committed by the Adnan Syed jurors:

4. Explain whether you believe that the research strategies lawyers use to select the “right” juries for their cases undermine the fairness of the justice system. Should jurors be questioned about their prejudices, as Grenier believes?

5. What role, if any, do you think prejudice plays in the criminal justice system? What tools can critical thinking offer to help lessen the effect of prejudice?

6. In what way have reading and reflecting on these questions influenced your original conclusion regarding whether Adnan Syed should have been found “guilty” or “not guilty”? Do you believe that the standard of proof beyond a reasonable doubt was met in Syed’s case? Do you think that he was guilty of murdering Lee? Explain your reasoning process in answering both questions.

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