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Word count: 300

Learning Objective: How Do Anthropologists Explore the Relationship between Gender and Power?


The photographer Rion Sabean has created a series of images that he refers to as “Men-ups!” Check out his gallery on the photos sharing website Pinterest These photos play with gender stereotypes and ideologies by placing men in stereotypical “pin-up girl” poses. When women are photographed in these poses, they are generally considered alluring and sexy, but Sabean’s photographs typically invoke different reactions. You are now equipped to think like an anthropologist. What is the underlying relationship between gender and power in these photographs? After reviewing the photographs yourself, show them to five friends or family members and ask for their impressions of the images. Try to include people from different age groups in your survey.

Instructions: Complete and then submit the exercise(s) below as directed by your instructor.

  1. (Online) Post to your class’s online forum a summary of the reactions you received when showing Rion Sabean’s photographs to your friends and family members. Did they think the photographs were sexy? Did they find them humorous? What do these reactions tell you about gender and power? What do they say about the role of women in your own culture? Hold a discussion with your classmates about these issues in the comments section of the forum.

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