Argumentative Research Paper Preparation – (PART 2 OF 4) Annotated Bibliography (TOPIC: FREE ACCESS TO INTERNET)

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LP2.2 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography


First, use only scholarly peer reviewed sources for this paper. You are only permitted one (1) non-peer-reviewed scholarly source for this paper.

Second, use this link to help you with the format of the Annotated Bibliography. It should look like a regular reference page (e.g. the source with reverse hanging indent) followed by two (or three) paragraphs that address the three following items: a summary of the source, an assessment or evaluation of the source, and where/how/why you are using it in your paper.


Your annotated bibliography should follow APA style guidelines and should include at least 6 scholarly research articles. You may include other resources as well.

Still not quite clear on what counts as “scholarly”? View the “Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Articles” and the “Questions to Ask When Determining Credibility of Sources” fact sheets from the NAU Online Library for a refresher.

Each annotation should:
• Include a full citation of the source
• Summarize the article
• Assess the sources claims and explain how the article fits with your research paper

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