Art commisssion statement

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Write a 600-word commission contract for a painting, sculpture, or other art installation that is to be placed at the entrance or in the lobby of a new Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center.

Ask the artist to create an original piece of art rather than asking for a specific subject matter. The statement must address the following items:Explain how the piece will represent developments in world events and cultural patterns past and present in Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or Christianity, and explain why it is appropriate for the proposed location.Discuss why the you believe the commissioned piece will reflect the individual’s role in the world and with the deity.Explain how the piece identifies central teachings from Judaism, early Christianity, early Islam, or Buddhism.Discuss the value of commissioning such a piece for this location, how the piece is expected to enhance the intellectual and physical environments, and how it represents some aspect or feature of the Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Assignment must be original , pass plagerism checker and be on time and meet all the requirements listed above

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