ARTH 204 Week 3 Topi 1

Watch a film from the Depression Era (1930 – 1940) which address Social Class as part of its narrative. You may choose one of the films from the “Depression Era Films” list in Week Three’s Content.

Identify the social classes in this film and briefly describe them.  Is there any one class that is seen as better than the others, or worse than the others?  Explain.

The Horatio Alger myth was and is an important aspect of America’s self-image as a capitalist democracy.  In what ways does the movie you watch speak the Horatio Alger myth?

Can you give examples of the Horatio Alger myth in other films you have seen?


Title.   Year. Director(s). Screenwriters (This would be those who wrote the actual screenplay). Starring (Include the names of at least the top three billed actors/actresses). Note any awards the director, screenwriter(s) or stars won after their names. Awards: (Any Awards and Nominations for the film not already mentioned.  If there are any Oscar or Golden Globe awards or nominations, those are the only ones you have to include.  If there are other awards, such as film festival awards, you may mention those). Genre. Rating.

See example below.

Amadeus . 1984. Director: Milos Forman (Oscar). Screenplay: Peter Shaffer (Oscar). Starring: F. Murray Abraham (Oscar), Tom Hulce (Oscar Nomination) and Elizabeth Berridge.  Awards:  1985 Oscar for Best Picture with four other Oscars and two other nominations.  Genre: Biographic, Drama, Music. Rating: R.


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