Article critique 1

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Assignment to complete

Module 2

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Proposed topic: Abortion


Article Critique Assignment

Please download this sheet page or copy and paste this entire page into a MS word document. Once in Word, write your answers to the questions IN THAT DOCUMENT-you can take up as much space answering as you’d like. Be thorough, so your instructor knows that you understand it, but do not use phrases or paragraphs from the study. USE ONLY YOUR WORDS – paraphrase everything, and try to keep it short (do not rewrite the entire article).

To provide me with context, please copy and paste the abstract for your chosen article into this word document. In addition, include the APA-style reference below and then upload this single document ( including Abstract, Reference, and Responses to the questions) to the drop box with your name in the title of the file. Please pay close attention to what you are being asked to address in your critique.

Due Date:

This assignment is due on or before Sunday 11:59PM ET.

Helpful Hints:

Select an article you are comfortable with and understand well to complete this assignment.

Copy and Pasted Abstract here:

APA-Style reference here:

Response to the Questions:

1. What the author said:

  a. What is the central question addressed by the article? What is the study’s hypothesis?

b. Briefly (but thoroughly) outline the procedures the author used to test the hypothesis. Also
pay attention to the sample.

 c. Using your own words, succinctly summarize the major findings of the study.

d. What major conclusions does the author draw from these findings?

2. Integration and evaluation

a. Assessment: Do you think the author’s conclusions are valid (both internally and externally),
reliable and reasonable? Provide an explanation. How do these conclusions relate to the methods used to test the hypothesis? Specifically, address the following:

· external validity (the extent to which a study’s findings can generalize to other populations and settings);

· internal validity (the ability of a study to rule out alternative explanations and support a causal claim);

· construct validity (the quality of the study’s measures and manipulations); and

· statistical validity (the appropriateness of the study’s conclusions based on statistical analyses).

To evaluate any study you read, ask questions in these four categories:

· “Can we generalize?” (External);

· “Was it an experiment? If so, was it a good one?” (Internal);

· “How well did they operationalize that variable?” (Construct); and

· “Did they have enough people to detect an effect? How big was the effect? Is it significant?” (Statistical).

b. Integration: How does this research article fit into your research project? Does it support your project hypothesis? Does it support other literature you are reviewing?

c. What Questions Remain? Are there important issue this article does not address or resolve? How do these issues relate to your research project? Be specific.

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