Bill of Rights, political science homework help

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Create a collage displaying each of the amendments in the Bill of Rights. The image should provide an example/image of this right not be protected and or violated. Understanding and acknowledging when rights are violated will help us better understand exactly what our rights are. If you are creating this collage using PowerPoint or presi or any other multimedia tool, be sure to use a voice over to describe each image, explain why you chose it, and explain how it symbolizes a violation of that particular amendment. If you will be using a word document to create this assignment be sure to answer the above questions in text format. Lastly conclude your project by picking the amendment that you think is the most important. Provide an image showing an example of why you think this is important, an image showing the amendment working, or serving its purpose. Be creative!

See the link below for an (old) example of the display. You can use this playing card format or any other format you like, as long as you provide an image for each amendment. Some amendments have more than one right, for example the 1st and 5th. Pick just one, but make sure in the voice over (or text) to explain why you picked that one over the others. of Rights straight.jpg

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