Boston Blue Bike Business Analysis

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A public bike-share scheme is a shared transport service. It allows people to borrow a bike for a short-term trip from a dock and return it at a different dock. The system will be controlled by the program and the user will be notified of the availability information about the bike through the mobile app.

Bluebikes is a bicycle sharing system in the downtown Boston metropolitan area. On Earth Day April 21, 2011, the Mayor of Boston launched a bike-sharing system plan to build Boston into one of the world’s premier bicycle cities, advocating green environmental protection and the purpose of convenient travel. Currently, Boston has about 4,000 bicycles and nearly 400 stations, and Bluebikes will continue to add vehicles and stations for the convenience and affordability of customers.

A. Customer Analysis

1. Examine 4 criteria for customer segments (Demographic, geographic, psychographic, behavioral segmentations)

2. Customer profile: What are the needs/requirements of customers in these segments?

3. Buyer’s journey (how customers use): Describe the purchase process

B. Competitive Analysis

1. Describe the competitors (shared scooter and MBTA)

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and their products?

C. Company Analysis

1. SWOT analysis

2. Porter’s five forces

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