Brave New World Socratic Seminar English homework help

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Brave New World Socratic Seminar

(Group D 31-40)

Support your response with many quotes from the book “Brave New World” as possible.

31 If you were forced to choose, which character in the novel would you be and why?

32 Different characters in the novel fight power in different ways. Bernard at first tries defiance; Helmholtz turns to subversive writing; and John leaves to live in solitude at the lighthouse. Are any of these effective? What do you believe would be the best way to fight the system in this novel?

33 Could anything like Brave New World really happen? Has it happened in some form that we don’t fully recognize?


34 Does the novel have any loose ends it fails to tie up? If so, does that seem intentional by Huxley, and what effect does it have?

35 So, Mustapha Mond, Resident World Controller of Western Europe, is a pretty powerful guy in this book. Or is he? Who do you judge to be the most powerful character in Brave New World’/ Why?

36 Whether you agree with him or not, John possesses a pretty rigid system of morality (right and wrong). Do you think John learned morality from the Indians on the Reservation, from Linda, from Shakespeare, or from another source? Is John’s system of morality religious in nature?

37 Is the ending to Brave New World at all optimistic? For any of the characters?

38 Why does John take the soma away from the Deltas at the hospital? What happens when he does this? How can you relate this scene to the “Allegory of the Cave”?

39 What is the purpose of Huxley naming many of the characters after revolutionary leaders? Be specific.

40 Who was responsible for John’s death? Explain your choice.

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