Business and the Business Environment

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Assignment Brief and Guidance:
You are employed as a Business Analyst and you have been asked to
conduct an analysis on a large multinational organization (Company name
has been assigned to you during class lottery).
Your findings will be presented to the CEO and need to address the
1. An overview, an explanation of:
a) Different types and purposes of organizations in the market place
(Public, private, and not-for profit).
b) The various legal business structures of organizations, their
advantages and disadvantages as well as their compatibility and
suitability to compete in the international business environment.
(Grade available LO 1- PI, please read page 3 carefully) a-b some
examples in general
2. An analysis of YOUR organization in terms of about SONY COMPANY
a) The products and/or services the organization supplies AND your
suggestion if other new products/services can be added? Present 1
suggestion and explain why you think this is a good idea.
b) Its size (is it a micro, small, SME, large business) and explain the
advantage of being that size given today’s business environment.
c) Information about the various needs of stakeholders of YOUR business.
(List 3 different stakeholders and 2 different needs for each).
(Grade available LOl – P2, please read page 3 carefully)
3. In detail explain, the relationship between different organisational
functions (Finance, Marketing, ^ HR, Production and etc.) within YOUR
organization and how the functions link to organisational
objectives and YOUR organizations structure (is it Functional.
Divisional, Matrix, etc.?)
(Grade available LO 2 -P3, please read page 3 carefully) SONY COMPANY
1-(The percentage of cheating should be from 19% to 20% not more not
2-Write 1500 word without introduction and without conclusion


write about legal business structure not organizational structure . THE QUSTION ONE

speak about this and add things if there any thing more

1) sole trader



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