Business communications exercises. Short answers.

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Hello there!

I need help with my assignment from BC class. After review chapter 10 PP, please answer the following questions in APA format:

1. The word persuasion turns some people off. What negative connotations can it have? (Obj. 1)

2. What are some of the underlying motivations that prompt individuals to agree to requests that do not directly benefit themselves or their organizations?(Obj. 2)

3.Why is it important to know your needs and have documentation when you make requests of superiors?(Obj. 4)

4. How are direct-mail sales messages and e-mail sales messages similar, and how are they different? (Obj. 5)

5. Ethical Issue: What is puffery, and how can it be justified in marketing messages? Consider the following: Dr. Phil calls himself “America‘s most trusted relationship counselor.” Rush Limbaugh claims to be “America‘s anchorman.” Sony’s Cyber-Shot camera advertisement says “Make time stand still.”

Attached is the power point from chapter 10

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