researching your advocacy proposal an advocacy campaign towards obesity in the childhood stage

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topic: An Advocacy Campaign towards Obesity in the Childhood Stage

Each entry should include the following three elements:

Use the following sources:

1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prevalence of Childhood Obesity in the United States. (2014). Accessed from

Coalition for Patients’ Rights. (2012) Accessed from

3. World Health Organization. Childhood overweight and obesity. (2013).Accessed from

4.prevention in Minnesota.” American journal of public health 104.10 (2014): 1894-1900.

Milstead, Jeri A. Health policy and politics: A nurse’s guide. Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2004.

Each entry should include the following three elements:

1) Complete (and accurate) bibliographic citation in MLA format

2) A quick summary of the article/chapter/book’s main ideas (2-3 sentences). The goal is to identify the central point (or multiple points, if appropriate) of the source and put it into your own words.

3) An evaluation of the source’s quality, credibility, and usefulness to your project (2-3 sentences). What did you find most useful about this source? Any weaknesses? If it’s from a scholarly journal, the credibility may be apparent—but if it’s from a website, how does the source establish its credibility? How does the information you encountered here relate to your project? Do you know yet how you will use it?

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