religion worksheet 3

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Worksheet Thirteen:

(Remember, if you are having trouble with any of these concepts post your questions/confusions on the Discussion Board under the “Question” Thread. Don’t wait until the last minute to do it.

The lines below are the minimum required in your answer to each question. If you want to write more, just keep writing, you don’t have to create your own lines. Please use comparable sized font to what you see here.

Read: “The Historical Jesus”

1. What do we know of the “historical Jesus”? (3)

2. Explain what Smith means when he says, “Jesus stood in the Jewish tradition of Spirit-filled mediators”? (3)

3. What was the situation of the Jews during the time of Jesus? (2)

4. Describe the four Jewish groups and their different responses to their situation





5. Describe Jesus’ fifth alternative. Which group was he closest to? How did he differ from them? (3)

Read “The Christ of Faith”

1. What did people say they saw Jesus doing? (2)

2. Why is putting the emphasis on Jesus’ miracles a mistake according to Smith? (3)

2. What was controversial about Jesus’ teachings? (2)

3. What two aspects of Jesus’ speech attracted people? (2)

4. Did Jesus speak more to people’s reason or imagination? Why do you think he did this? (3)

5. How much did Jesus actually speak? What do you think his overall message was? (3)

6. More specifically, what are the “two most important facts about life” according to Jesus’ speeches?



Read “We Have Seen His Glory”

1. Reading this section, how would you describe the character of Jesus? (3)

2. Select three words that would best describe his character.


Read “End and the Beginning”

1. What does this section title mean in terms of Jesus’ life and death? (3)

2. Pick something out of this section of reading that strikes you the most about Jesus, his character and/or his teachings. (5)

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