research paper is physician assisted suicide ethical

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I already started 4 pages of work– and have comments from what I had already written which I attached. I would still like edits on what I have already written…AND I ALREADY HAVE PICKED THE SOURCES.

Required length: 810 pages (not including the required Works Cited or References page)

Situation: In this final stage of the course, you will deepen your inquiry through more focused research and writing. From all of the writing and reading that you have completed in class up until this point, you have become your own kind of “death expert,” and have begun the process of investigating your own particular area of inquiry through the writing of a research proposal and annotated bibliography. It’s now time for you to use these acquired skills and knowledge to take part in one of the many larger conversations surrounding the dead and we the living’s relation to them.

You have already identified, researched, and written about a specific topic of importance and interest to you. The research paper allows you to apply the writing skills you have developed throughout the semester; you will summarize your chosen sources, analyze the effectiveness of their arguments, and synthesize the work of others while making your own claims. While the research paper will draw on a variety of sources and appeal to a larger audience, it should also situate itself in relation to academic scholarship. This is your opportunity to add your own voice to the ongoing conversation about death and dying taking place both inside and outside academia.

Task: Write a documented research paper about a topic of your choosing that is related to death and dying. In your paper, you should make a unique, convincing argument that you support with appropriate evidence and claims. You will integrate at least eight relevant and reliable sources (at least five must be academic sources) by applying your summary, analysis, and synthesis skills. Your paper should not only demonstrate an understanding of the context and sources, but also contribute meaningfully to the conversation.

Evaluation criteria:

Taking a Position: The writer articulates a position or thesis that contributes to a significant public conversation. The position relates to key themes discussed in the class materials and work. The writer attends to the consequences of his or her position, its personal relevance, and the potential or real public impact.

Developing Arguments in Context: The writer understands that arguments emerge from important public and academic conversations in which participants respond to each other as if in dialogue. The writer questions claims, asks questions about evidence, considers the appropriateness of the evidence, qualifies assertions, and responds to counter claims.

Using Sources Effectively: The writer identifies and reviews appropriate source material relevant to his or her position, characterizes the sources’ arguments, discusses disciplinary methods and approaches, provides historical context, critiques the sources, and considers the sources’ perspectives.

Engaging Intellectual Strategies: The writer demonstrates the ability to engage in a dialogue of ideas with the sources used in the paper. The work is enhanced by the ability to summarize, synthesize, and analyze. In addition, the writer demonstrates how appropriate paraphrasing and quoting contribute to this dialogue of ideas.

Using Language Appropriately: The writer makes grammar and stylistic choices appropriate to the audience and purpose. The writer also cites sources appropriately, integrating the cited material into the writer’s work.

Additionally, the research paper must:

  • Meet length requirements (at least 10 pages with 1” margins in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font)
  • Have cited at least 8 credible sources.
  • Use MLA format.
  • Include in-text citation and have a works cited page that acknowledges all sources used in the paper

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