entd311 dq 1

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Discussion Points: – Case Study

  • Discussion Board Assignment 1: Page 61-62, Problems and Exercises: #6 & #10. Case Study: Ridgeline Mountain Outfitters
  • Question # 6. In the running case of RMO, assume that you have set up an interview with the manager of the shipping department. Your objective is to determine how shipping works and what the information requirements for the new system will be. Make a list of questions— open ended and closed ended— that you would use. Include any questions or techniques you would use to ensure you find out about the exceptions.
  • Question # 10. Using RMO and the CSMS as your guide, develop a list of all the procedures that may need to be researched. You may want to think about the exercise in the context of your experience with such retailers as L. L. Bean, Lands’ End, or Amazon. com. Check out the Internet marketing done on the retailers’ Web sites and then think about the underlying business procedures that are required to support those sales activities. List the procedures and then describe your understanding of each.
  • Grading will be based on timeliness, responses to at least two peers, citations, grammar/punctuation and content of your response. Use the peer exchange within this DB to inform your work for the remaining two assigned Case Studies, as we will not be discussing these assignments in the DB.
    You MUST meet the minimum word count and have your post in by Sunday or APUS will automatically withdraw you from the class. Thanks!

    Please No Plagiarism

    Please use APA formatting and in text cititation


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