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Just have to respond to the answers only needs to be 150 words.


Question: 1

Is racial profiling by police officers a good practice or a bad practice? What are the arguments for and against its use?


Racial profiling has its ups and downs. However, as an African American man, I whole heartedly believe that it is a bad practice. As a criminal justice student, i can see why it can be deemed necessary. If I were an officer and i see an African American “looking suspicious” then I’d stop him myself. Now for the bad side of racial profiling. This leads to a list of bad things: the arrest of the wrong man or woman, police brutality, etc. Even after earning the risk of racial profiling, many will still argue their reasons, trying to justify the usage of racial profiling. Those individuals use reasons like: racial profiling gives the officer a sense of preparation, as if the officer is to prepare for the worst because he or she is black, middle eastern, Hispanic, etc. Fortunately people, reasonable people, have been fighting against those arguments. They believe that it is unjust to base your reason of suspicion on the suspects skin color. This now makes them the victim. This is a textbook example of discrimination and it needs to be stopped.


Question #2

Is racial profiling by police officers a good practice or a bad practice? What are the arguments for and against its use?

Racial Profiling by police officers are a bad practice. Even though I believe there are times where racial profiling is necessary, and it has to be used within certain situations, there are way move cons when discussing racial profiling by police officers than there are pros. The book gives us a great example of how skewed racial profiling could be. The book explains to use how useful tactics based on a certain race could be used to profile and could eventually lead to an arrest. That is true but where some officers, not all, go wrong is that they would use that racial profile for every individual. If we all know better every individual is not the same. No matter the race, sex, religion, we all are different in our own way. By using the profile on every individual, this leads to discrimination and/or racial prejudice. Once the discrimination umbrella is open there are plenty of things that would follow and torment the relationship between the law enforcement and the citizens. This is something we see everyday in our country, simply because it was one racial profile gone bad.

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