scenario 2 measuring performance

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150 word count

Even the most impressive car won’t go far without a steering wheel and brakes. That’s because the steering wheel and brakes are essential mechanisms for safe operation of the car while impacting the experience of being a driver or a passenger in the car. This is what the control function of management is all about. Even with exceptional planning, organization, and leadership, poor control can lead to disaster.

In Ch. 16, Kinicki and Williams (2016) provide an overview of the control function as a means to monitor performance against expectations so the organization and its people can set goals to take actions that close the gap. Let’s leverage this chapter to explore key concepts in control against brief video segments to determine how we can improve the control function at work and school.


Do notstart a new thread. Select oneof the following scenarios, develop a response, and then post the response as a reply to this discussion starter. Limit your response to 150 to 300 words, demonstrate an understanding of and cite the required readings or other credible sources that you apply, and look for opportunities to engage with and learn from others.


Scenario 2: Measuring Performance

In addition to reviewing the course materials, watch the Harvard Business Reviewvideo “The Explainer: The Balanced Scorecard” and then answer the following questions:

  1. What are barriers to effective measurement that can complicate the control process? Why do you think not all firms are measurement-managed?
  2. Considering your company (or a previous one), develop goals and metrics that the organization could use in applying the balanced scorecard technique.
  3. Using “The Explainer: The Balanced Scorecard” and the chapter readings as your foundation, what are your recommendations for improving performance at work (or your performance here at school)?

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