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Small businesses and entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the economy. For this assignment, you will need to identify a LOCAL business and discuss its business model.

**If you would like to personalize this assignment, you may discuss a business that you either currently own or operate or it may be a business that you WISH to own or operate.


· You are not allowed to discuss the business model of a national corporation such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy etc. There are too many papers online for you to use as a guide. I want to see your creativity!


Here are the steps of the assignment: (READ CHAPTER 1)

#1- Introduce the business to me- Tell me what the business does, how long it has been in business and what it’s estimated annual revenue is (If you can interview the owner, you’ll be further ahead!)


#2 What gives this business its competitive advantage?


#3 What are the main operating costs of the business?


#4 What generates the primary revenue in the business?


#5 What is one thing that you would suggest to the owner that would help the business increase revenue?


· Write a 300-500 word response that addresses each of these topics. Your paper should have an introduction, conclusion and should cite the sources of your information.

· If the company has a website, please also include the web address of the business.


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