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  Community College Students face a Very Long Road to Graduation.

Mr. Vladimir’s goal is attaining a bachelors and masters degree from Hunter College to accredit him ignite his passion for teaching studio art and art history. He has made up his mind to pursue a major in fine art at bachelors and masters level. He once told Ginia Bellafante that “All I care about is art and global history” while they were on Roosevelt island in the apartment that he share with his father and stepmother and this proof that he is still not near his goal yet.

After the death of Mr. de Jesus’ mother and sister they moved to their native home, Puerto Rico for several years. This subjected them to hardship, living in cars and shelters before they resolved to travel back to New York. He was admitted to Washington Irving High School where due to dismal performance he opted to drop out earning himself an equivalence diploma. Mr. de Jesus was in a disturbed mental state, he was not able to give his studies as much attention as they demanded and this hindrance was greatly influenced by his past that had affected him psychologically. A majority of community college students have work and child rearing as the barriers to consistent class attendance causing an imbalance. Mr.de Jesus has a six year old daughter called Svetlana who he takes to school in the morning using the F and D trains and then he takes the B42 bus to commute to LaGuardia community college for his class. Mr.de Jesus, along with other community college students, faces the longest commuting distance, and this affects his timely presence in class.

The government should not neglect but come up with initiatives to set up agencies mandated with addressing the welfare of low-income families and vulnerable groups in the United States of America. This organization should offer psychological counseling to affected people as this would actually assist them in forgetting past Tragedies. Provision of proper and modern housing facilities as well as financial aid to empower them as a form of an equalization fund is of paramount importance. Subsidizing fees further in community colleges and increasing scholarships to prestigious private colleges to act as motivation for better performance by children from low-income families. Another focus should Educating community college students on the importance of having children after school or even waiting until marriage by informing them on the use of different birth control methods to avoid early child rearing which will interferes with their studies. This will also protect them from the larger Aids epidemic.

I will say that Mr. Vladimir de Jesus will succeed and I see him of teaching studio art and art history in the near future. He is a bright student with a high GPA the only things that are limiting his completion are his responsibilities as a father and his economic background. He had dropped out of school and came back after four years and this show a lot of determination on his part. He has not given up on passing the math class despite the many attempts he has made. He is a talented artist and loves it to the extent of expressing it on his tattooed body. His persistence tells that his success is high to reach his goal. 


the one with my goal is myself and the other is about Vladimir someone else 

re-read your essay about yourself?

1st paragraph is in what ways is your situation similar to vladimirs? 

2nd paragraph is in what ways is it different 

basically compare the one my goal from myself and the other essay I wrote about vladimirs




My goal in life has always been clear to me. Now that I am in high school, something tells me that I have a chance to start the shape the journey to transforming my fantasies into a tangible reality. Although I have never imagined myself as a career person, I recognize that my academic results from now onwards are paramount to how far  I climb a  professional later in life. I, therefore, must graduate with good grades from high school, so that I can proceed to college and get a good job and have more fun in life. I will go to Bmcc for 2 yr and then 4 yr to complete  my major which  will be criminal justice to finish my four year bachelor degree and find the job interest me like a high rank office as i begin low rank starting as a police office and then climb up high to achieve my dream to be higher and command a group to watch the safety of the city.

The difficulties I face in high school was chaotic. It has been immensely difficult for me to align my academics with my aspirations. Like most of my friends, fun automatically overwhelmed me as soon as I started high school. Frankly, being a type that like to have fun, i easily skipped school and played with my friends. I usually borrow my cousin vacation house in flushing and invite many hot girls and friend i known to the parties and drink and many other fun stuff was really great and exhausted. Sometime during school day me and groups of friends will each called a hot  girls and spend a whole day hanging out with me and my friend to have fun shopping, playing snooker and eating some type of new food.  Eventually I got attracted to that kind of life hanging out with girls I had known a few days and girls i known  for many years and going to places that are fun with a group of people. To enjoy this fun , I had to neglect class dozens of times. Sometimes it happened  because I was attending parties organized by friends or when i wanted to have a great night i will plan a day where i can relax and have so much fun , or I was not in shape to attend class after a night of partying. The result is that my scores have suffered consistently during my two years in high school. Even worse, I have had to transfer schools twice in the same period due to my sporadic school attendance.

To help overcome my difficulties now that high school life is almost toward the end , I intend to make amends where I have gone wrong. i will have to study hard which i never did at all and ask teacher for advice if i need help with either test , homework , grades and stuff  that can help me pass class where i have and trouble. Although I love my friends and partying, I resolve to be more intuitive in making the right choices for academics. I, therefore, will put to an end weekday parties and any other situations that cause me to compromise my studies. Although this change might cost me not seeing most of my friends when I am busy trying  to get good grades to graduate. So to see them sometimes and hangout should be the day when school is off or when summer is near. Eventually I will miss opportunities to hang out with girls I like and friends I have known for many years. But I believe that this sacrifice will be worth in the end.



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