f(x)=2x+5; g(x)=x^2-3; h(x)=(7-x)/3

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  1. We define the following functions:
    No Image
             No Image          No Image
  2. Compute (f – h)(4).
  • Evaluate the following two compositions:
    A: No Image
    B: No Image
  • Graph the g(x) function and transform it so that the graph is moved 6 units to the right and 7 units down.
  • Find the inverse functions:
    C: No Image
    D: No Image.
  1. Write a two- to three-page paper (not including the title page) that is formatted in APA style be concise in your reasoning. In the body of your essay, do the following:

    • Demonstrate your solution to the above problems, making sure to include all mathematical work as well as explanations for each step.



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