History assignment.

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Which region usually voted for Democrats until Pres. Reagan’s election in 1980?

a. The Northeast.


b. The South.


c. The Midwest.


d. California.


Pres. Reagan’s fiscal policies included all of the following, except:

a. Cutting federal income tax rates.


b. Decreasing overall government spending.


c. Cutting federal spending on social welfare programs.


d. Increasing government spending on defense.


What was Pres. Reagan’s philosophy of deregulation?

a. Increasing the number of rules businesses must follow.


b. Making it more difficult for industries to create pollution.


c. Reducing government rules to spur business development.


d. Selling government bonds in order to spend more on the military.


What pattern emerged in Pres. Reagan’s appointments to the Supreme Court?

a. He appointed free-market libertarians.


b. He only appointed men.


c. He appointed social conservatives.


d. He appointed Great Society liberals.


Which adjective best describes the New Right?

a. Liberal.


b. None of these.


c. Conservative.


d. Communist.


Which statement describes American society in the 1980s?

a. The middle class grew larger.


b. Society resembled the economic inequality of the 1920s.


c. The gap between rich and poor shrank.


d. There were fewer billionaires.


During the 1980s, which country emerged as a major trade rival to the U.S.?

a. China.


b. Japan.


c. The Soviet Union.


d. Vietnam.


Which was a contributing factor to the urban crisis?

a. The growth of suburbs.


b. All of these.


c. The rise of crack cocaine and gang violence.


d. New laws that increased penalties for drug crimes.


Which issues animated members of the New Right?

a. School science textbooks that taught evolution.


b. All of these.


c. Sex education in public schools.


d. Legalized abortion.


Why did the federal government fail to act quickly to contain the AIDS outbreak of the 1980s?

a. At first, AIDS did not kill many of its victims.


b. At the time, the Reagan Administration assumed AIDS was limited to the homosexual community.


c. Public health officials defied Pres. Reagan’s orders to move quickly against AIDS.


d. At the time, Earvin “Magic” Johnson was the only victim of AIDS.


Pres. George H.W. Bush re-defined the word “liberal” to mean what?

a. In favor of making government bigger.


b. All of these.


c. Lenient in punishing criminals.


d. In favor of increasing tax rates.


Which did not happen during George H.W. Bush’s presidency?

a. The federal government paid $500 million to bail out failed savings & loan institutions.


b. Unemployment dropped as the economy rebounded.


c. The federal debt increased.


d. Income tax rates rose.


Which of these was not an indication of improved U.S.-Soviet relations during the 1980s?

a. Premier Gorbachev’s political and economic reforms.


b. The Soviet withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan.


c. The Reagan-Gorbachev INF Treaty.


d. The Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars).


Why did the U.S. get involved in wars in the Middle East?

a. The U.S. wanted to protect Israel from attack.


b. All of these.


c. The U.S. wanted to protect oil production and trade.


d. There were kidnappings and terrorist attacks U.S. citizens in Lebanon.


Why did the Reagan Administration carry out the Iran-Contra arms deal?

a. It wanted to help Israel by helping an enemy of Iraq.


b. All of these.


c. It wanted better relations with Iran, a major oil producer.


d. It wanted to fund anti-communist groups in Nicaragua.


Which statement about the collapse of the Soviet Union is false?

a. Historians all agree that U.S. policies forced the collapse.


b. Huge numbers of people in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were living in poverty.


c. Gorbachev’s reforms were a factor.


d. Independence movements in several countries eroded Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. 


What happened as a result of the Soviet collapse?

a. Germans left the Berlin Wall in place because they had grown accustomed to it.


b. None of these.


c. The Chinese Communist Party voluntarily gave up power and allowed open elections.


d. The former Yugoslavia devolved into civil war, which included ethnic cleansing.


What was the Tiananmen Square protest?

a. An anti-American rally that strengthened the rule of China’s Communist Party.


b. All of these.


c. A pro-democracy rally that China’s Communist Party ended with a brutal crackdown.


d. The German protest movement that brought down the Berlin Wall.


Which statement about the 1991 Persian Gulf War is true?

a. It resulted in Iraq’s Saddam Hussein resigning.


b. Cable news channels, such as CNN, broadcast images of the war on live television.


c. U.S. forces alone, without any allies, fought Iraq.


d. Iraq’s attack on Israel succeeded.


What were the two biggest changes of the period from 1980-1992?

a. American society shifted rightward, and the Cold War ended.


b. None of these.


c. American society shifted leftward, and the Cold War began.


d. Ronald Reagan was president for 12 years, and American society shifted leftward.



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