Video Assignment $30 (Female Tutors Only)

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Looking for a FEMALE whos is willing to record a 3-5 minute video on an assignment. Its a very easy assignment i just dont have a camera on me to record it myself and need to post it within 1 HOUR.


This is the assignment below. The writing part i already have it done, however need a female to do the recording of it.


You should find one good or bad hospitality ad in print media (newspaper and magazine) or TV commercial. Submit a 2- to 3-page (double spaced) write-up discussing why you think it is good or bad advertising and how it can be improved. Provide a copy of the ad or the recording.

For your presentation, be prepared to discuss each ad’s components and your opinion of its effectiveness. The presentations are due with the written assignment. The presentation time will be approximately 3-5 minutes. The promotion assignment (200 points) and presentation (200 points) is worth 400 points of your total grade.

Evaluate each ad’s effectiveness and discuss what you would change to further improve it.

–> The point of the video is to explain the paper you wrote in a bit more detail and say what would you change to improve it.

Let me know if you can do it and I will send you the paper.

Need it within 1 hour


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