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Summarizing Paragraphs


You will be summarizing FIVE paragraphs from your coursepack in one to three sentences.  This assignment is practice for your upcoming summary paper.  You will be writing for your English 101 teacher, so keep that rhetorical situation in mind as you write.  You may choose from the paragraphs found on pages 16-17 (letters A-F).  You must use each of the example summaries under paragraph number one on page 15 at least once.  (The example summaries are 1A-1C.) Keep in mind that each summary is not necessarily applicable to all the following paragraphs.  You will lose points if your summary is one sentence, but the paragraph warrants a longer summary. 



·      The ENTIRE document must be formatted according to MLA guidelines.

o   Double-spaced

o   12 pt. Times New Roman Font

o   Formatted according to MLA guidelines

o   Use of parenthetical citations and attributive tags

o   MLA works cited is not necessary

·      You must have five separate summaries that are labeled according to which paragraph you summarize.

o   For example, if your first entry summarizes paragraph A, it would be labeled “A.”



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