Can you please describe the overall quality approach used to manage product/service quality at Campbell’s Soup Company?

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Specifically, the following and critical elements must be addressed:

Operationalization: in this section, you will discuss the operationalization of a business opportunity, specifically the business product, service or other idea from your business plan in the Marketing and Strategy course. Specifically, you should:

1. Project the potential costs, risks, and benefits of operationalizing your business idea. Your projection should be supported with rationale.

2. Develop a work breakdown structure for your business idea. Your work breakdown structure should include at least three tasks with at least three subtasks each.

3. Provide a narrative justifying each task and subtask that is a part of your work breakdown structure.

4. Identify key milestones, deliverables, and resources requirements should be supported with an explanation of they will help the project meet scope-time-cost objectives.

5. Assess potential obstacles and impediments to meeting scope-time-cost objectives of the project, supporting your assessment with rationale.

6. Determine appropriate risk mitigation strategies to address the obstacles, impediments and risks you have identified.

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