Can you write these four art history questions?

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Can you write these four art history questions? I uploaded a picture for this question


I uploaded two picture, see the picture files and focus on only this pic that is the topic of this art.


The words should be 80-150 words each section. No plagiarism!!


 Great Mosque, Kairouan, Tunisia



1 . Description –   describe what you see- imagine that the person you are describing it to is not there or is blind.   How will you make the work of art visible through verbal description?






2 . Summary this text – summarize this text what i wrote on this question!! you think are the most important pieces of information that you gleaned from the textbook- read the book closely and put it in your own words.




 – Summary this -> 


GREAT MOSQUE, KAIROUAN Of all the variations in mosque plans, the hypostyle mosque most closely reflects the mosque’s supposed origin, Muhammad’s house in Medina (see “The Mosque,” page 265). One of the finest hypostyle mosques, still in use today, is the mid-eighth-century Great Mosque (FIG. 10-8) at Kairouan in Abbasid Tunisia. It still houses its carved wooden minbar of 862, the oldest known. The precinct takes the form of a slightly askew parallelogram of huge scale, some 450 260 feet. Built of stone, its walls have sturdy buttresses, square in profile. A series of lateral entrances on the east and west lead to an arcaded forecourt (FIG. 10-8, no. 7) resembling a Roman forum (FIG. 7-43), oriented north-south on axis with the mosque’s impressive minaret (no. 8) and the two domes of the hypostyle prayer hall (no. 4). The first dome (no. 6) is over the entrance bay, the second
(no. 3) over the bay that fronts the mihrab (no. 2) set into the qibla wall (no. 1). A raised nave connects the domed spaces and prolongs the north-south axis of the minaret and courtyard. Eight columned aisles flank the nave on either side, providing space for a large congregation.




3 . Research – go online and find additional information about the image and provide the links for that information for your peers. Make sure to summarize and do not simply cut and paste or give us just the URLs.



4 . Contemporary Culture – relate the theme to something that you find in our current visual vernacular on popular culture-   Why is this image relevant today?

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