Career Counseling Expert

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To Prepare for this discussion:

  • Participate in the call with a career expert (instructions for participation in the call will be provided in Course Announcements) or listen to the recording of the call.
  • Consider the topics that the speaker addressed, and choose one topic that resonated with you as you consider the services you might provide in the future.
  • From a broader perspective, consider several “takeaways” that are important for new counselors to consider as they prepare to offer career counseling services to clients.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a description of the one topic that was especially meaningful to you, along with why it was meaningful and how you will incorporate the information into your future practice. Additionally, describe what you think are the 3 main “takeaway” points from the session with the career expert.

The directions to complete the assignment: You can manage your recording through InterCall Online at, select Meetings, go to the Recorded Meetings tab, and choose any of the following options:

1. LISTEN: Choose a Playback ID to select the recording you would like to access. Enter your name and email address and click Submit to broadcast your conference over the internet.


Owner number: 21888383
Conference date: 03/19/2018
Conference time: 7:48 PM EST
Playback ID: 287196078
Conference topic:
Leader: Tracy Senstock
Customer: Laureate Education, Inc.
Archived through: 04/18/2018

The following keypad commands are available during the conference playback:
1 Rewind 5 seconds
2 Increase volume
3 Fast forward 5 seconds
4 Rewind 30 seconds
5 Decrease volume
6 Fast forward 30 seconds
7 Decrease speed
8 End playback
9 Increase speed
* Pause/resume playback
0 Restart playback
# Help menu

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