Career Exploration Research Paper

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The two things I’m interested in is vet assistant and gun smithing. The paper needs to have these in it.

Career Exploration Research Paper


Research two current trends in the career field in which you’re interested and determine what those trends reveal about the career.


 Utilize MLA format to create the header and heading as well has in-text citations.

 Make a Works Cited page to record important source information.

 Craft confident and mature introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.

 Incorporate at least 4 credible sources.

 Integrate advanced vocabulary and appropriate transitional words and phrases.

 Write a total of 4-6 pages (not including the Works Cited page).



  • Start your introduction paragraph with a question, interesting fact, or attentiongrabbing quote that will “hook” your reader and make him want to find out more. End the introduction paragraph with a thesis statement.
  • Remember to start each body paragraph with a topic sentence that states the purpose of the paragraph and end the paragraph with a conclusive statement and/or a transition to the next point.
  • Always introduce, cite, and explain each quote. Keep your quotes short (around 5 words) and paraphrase longer ideas from outside sources.
  • Keep it formal. Avoid using personal pronouns (I, we, me) and substitute words like “one,” “many,” “consumers,” etc.

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