China and the West

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***5 pages paper*******

Please choose one of the following!!!!!!! not both!!!!!

Question (choose one question):

  • 1.What can we learn from The Question of Hu about the interactions between Europeans and Chinese in the early eighteenth century? Do you consider the case John Hu to be emblematic of those interactions or an aberration, an exception to them?
  • 2.The Rites Controversy was one of the most important episodes in the long history of the Jesuit mission in China, and one that generated its own complex history. Using the accounts of it in Waley-Cohen, Gregory and Mungello, write an essay about the controversy that addresses one of the following two questions: a) were the Jesuit attempts at accommodation doomed from the outset because of the issues raised by their opponents in the Rites Controversy?; or b) how different were the understandings of the controversy on the part of four groups: the Jesuit proponents of accommodation, their clerical opponents, Chinese converts, and the Chinese emperors?

In writing your essays, please give as much supporting detail as you can from the writings that you are discussion. For class books that you use, quotations and specific references should be cited a parenthetical citation identifying the source and with page number.

******You must choose at least two books from the following books******

Jonathan Spence, The Question of Hu.*** (must choose this book if you choose first question)***.

Christopher Dawson, Mission to Asia.

John Gregory, China and the West Since 1500

David Mungello, The Great Encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800.

Marco Polo, The Travels of Marco Polo, Ronald Latham, trans.

Morris Rossabi, Voyager from Xanadu: Rabban Sauma and the First Journey from China to the West.

Joanna Waley-Cohen, The Sextants of Beijing: Global Currents in Chinese History

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