Class HUMA 2323. Assigment due in 1hr and 50Mins

After reading chapter 8, do a little research what are some of the economic, environmental and political issues that still face Africa? What is the danger of marginalizing many African countries? What was the purpose of the NAM ( Non-Aligned Movement)? How was the Organization of African Unity different from previous organization?  What were some of the issues and problems the OAU experienced?  How is the AU different from the OAU?  What has America’s involvement been? What was the purpose of the Bureau of African Affairs created by J.F. Kennedy?  What were some of the issues Reagan and Clinton faced? How did the US and Soviet Union’s beliefs and policies differ in relationship to Africa and how did they both play an important role?  What was the purpose of NAM?  What role did language and culture play at this time?

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