Cognitive Theory: Behavior Plan

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Resources: University of Phoenix Material: Individual Case Studies, University of Phoenix Material: Behavior Plan Template, and the “Effective Treatment for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients” article located on the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website at

Use the“Effective Treatment for Addicted Criminal Justice Clients” article as a sample for how to write a behavior plan. The “Case Study” section near the end of the article provides a good example of a behavior plan.

Select a different case study than you used in Week Two from the University of Phoenix Material: Individual Case Studies, located on the student website :

  • Case One: Violet
  • Case Two: Max
  • Case Three: Onur

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Behavior Plan Template based on your selected cognitive theory for your selected case-study patient—Violet, Max, or Onur.

Incorporate one peer-reviewed research study as justification for the theory you used in your plan.

Format your plan consistent with APA guidelines.

Case One:

Violet is a 20-year-old woman with a history of difficult
relationships. She was in foster care from 12 to 18 years old. She attended a
career college and is employed as a dental assistant. This is her first real
job. She was referred to you after a patient at her dental office had a stalking
complaint. She apparently began dating a young man (John) after meeting him at
the dentist’s office.

When she arrives for her appointment with you, she is
dressed provocatively in a low-cut blouse and tight pants. She has heavy eye
makeup on and seems to be very needy, becoming tearful several times during the

At the start of the interview, she states that this thing
would not be a problem if those “idiots” in the office were not jealous. She
reports feeling like they were talking about her and feeling like they were out
to get her. When asked why they would want to get her, she states that all
girls are like that. She reports early sexual abuse in her home by an uncle. She
also reports conflict with her mother. Apparently she had been in an incestuous
relationship and had gained favor from her uncle. She would receive cash and
get to go out to eat with her uncle, who was abusing her. She stills denies any
abuse and claims that he was only 12 years older than she was at the time of
the abuse. After some reluctance, she admits that she was 12 and he was 24 when
the abuse started.

When asked about depression, she stated that she has a hard
time knowing what she is feeling. She says that she needs to have a man to feel
safe and secure. She reports that she has been in a number of relationships
with men and several with women. She usually becomes sexual early on in the
relationship. She has used self-harm in an attempt to regulate her emotions.

some conversation, she stated that she met John at her office while she was
helping the dentist prepare for a filling. She said that she always flirts with
the customers and that John asked her out on a date. She agreed and reports a
short fling. They met for dinner, and she ended up going to his apartment where
they had sex. She reports that they saw each other every day for about 3 weeks,
which often ended in sex. She states that he said he needed more space and
asked that they not see each other any more. She then reported trying to get
him back and calling him up to 20 times a day. He asked for a restraining order
and phoned the dentist’s office asking for a referral to another dentist—he no
longer felt comfortable coming into that office. Violet has had five other restraining
orders in the past.

University of Phoenix Material 

Behavior Plan Template

Use this template to create behavioral plans for assignments
in Weeks Two and Three. Fill in each section and provide additional information
as needed.

Client Identifying Information

List all pertinent and known identifying information.






Describe all pertinent and known history.



Substance Abuse

Developmental and Social

Course of Treatment

List two target behaviors and two interventions.

Target Behaviors

Frequency and Duration of Target Behaviors

Severity and Number of Relapses


Goals and

List two long-term goals, two short-term goals, and one objective
to work towards each goal.

Long-Term Goal

Short-Term Goal


Discharge and
Termination Plans

Describe the discharge and termination plan for the

Discharge Plan

Termination Plan

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