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Comment on Students initial posts (casual posts, informal sentence structure)

IJ: A business relationship where I receive benefits from a mutual trust is Diamond Experts. They are a well trusted and respected company that are always available around the clock. For example, when I have a customer looking for something specific when buying a diamond, they have it from A to Z. Most of the benefits that we have between both parties is that we both can make money on selling diamonds. Sometimes when looking and purchasing a diamond prices can vary depending on whom graded the diamond, color, cut, clarity, and carat size. For example, the more common cut and sizes go for more money because of the demand in looking for that one special diamond. I stay objective when it comes to ordering a diamond(s). Thus, we have an agreement when ordering a diamond, there is a process worked out between the wholesaler and I to avoid any conflict. If I order a diamond and the customer does not like the product or price, therefore I am able to send it back without taking a loss on my end. As a manager, a process that we use is to set high goals and use contracts as tools for control. By using these contracts, I feel like we can avoid the dark side because everything is straight forward and written on paper. For this example, every graded diamond has a laser inscription on the girdle along with the certification therefore it cannot be switched out. If for any reason I was to lose the diamond on my end I would cover all costs as loss on my end. Thankfully I have never come across a situation to where I had taken a loss. Responsibility and respect goes a long way. I have met most of my wholesalers when I studied diamonds in California years ago. Until this day i have kept a close relationship with my former peers. Make a comment and ask a question related to the post (70-100 words)

TH: In this article it had a lot of useful information pertaining to how to keep close relationships but not so close that they are not helping the company. Though I do believe that corporations and businesses have social obligation when it comes to the consumer and its their responsibility to be ethical, I also know its about the profits. Though there is a balance to all of this when a business relationship gets to close a business can lose sight of its purpose, to make money. I didn’t really get this article up until it used the example of a company maybe not sending their best engineers to a company that has a relationship that is to close. This will be seen as a part of the dark side but on the other hand when a company has close ties with another company the level of trust there is good, and they know that they can count on the other business. The dark side is not some inevitable bad thing that results from having a good relationship with other businesses in your supply chain there are steps and procedures that can be instilled that keep this relationship from becoming a dark side relationship. One step is that the managers can take time to make clear their goals and make sure that the suppliers or other businesses in their supply chain are helping achieve these goals. Another way for this to happen is with a good rotation of policies. When this is done the customer and/ or supplier will not be seeing the same face every time they come in thus reducing the risk of them getting to know everyone and starting an inappropriate relationship. Make a comment and ask a question related to the post (70-100 words)

SS: I do agree with Mr. DeFuca’s assessment. Many people today, including me, use cloud computing, in their workspace, or schools, as a way to get information to one person from another. Millions of people are using this knowledge shared to innovate and invent new concepts and improve old ones due to the software Mr. DeFuca has shared with the world. Even when you use your phone and might download an app or a book, you are likely going to download it on your personal “cloud” to access it from all of your devices. Although it may be slightly easier to access information that has been encrypted so people cannot steal it, cloud computing has changed the way we live and has revolutionized how we do things. Instead of having to switch hard drives, you can simply download something that has already been put on another device or pc. Overall, the transformative promise of cloud computing makes any thing you wish to know accessible to you and everyone else who shares that desire. Small comment (50-100 words)

FN: For the most part I do agree with Mr. DeFuca’s assessment on cloud computing. I personally think the transformative promise of cloud computing is being able to use the knowledge that is stored in a more meaningful and helpful way. Because what he said is true. The knowledge that is obtained whether it is in a book, blog or anywhere that is stored and is not being used, it is trapped knowledge. And you should be able to access it and use it in someway. Now the question that comes to my mind is what if the knowledge that is stored is not accurate? Because he talks about medical systems. And what if someone uses that knowledge for evil purposes? Also what about privacy issues? These are some things to keep in consideration while still trying to improve cloud computing or even trying to build something better. Small Comment (50-100 words)

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