Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: As a health care administrator or professional, it is essential that you not only recognize health care issues affecting your industry or organization, but also

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: As a health care administrator or professional, it is essential that you not only recognize health care issues affecting your industry or organization, but also that you are able to present persuasive, cohesive, well-supported recommendations to stakehold. Public Health: The Salmonella Saintpaul Outbreak in the US. [College] Position ment An outbreak of infections caused by Salmonellas Saintpaul emerged due to in adequate enforcement of Federal law whose responsibility alongside the state and local agencies is to regulate food safety through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), food safety and Inspection Services, US Department of Agriculture , Environment Protection Agency and Plant and Health Inspection .The bodies mission is to ensure that all the food supplies in the US are “safe, nutritious and wholesome” .


Brief History

In 2007, the concerned government agencies got concerned over a series of food poisoning resulting from the consumption of raw tomatoes, raw cilantro and raw jalapeno. In June , 2007 ,a considerable number of people who had recently consumed any of the three or all the three mentioned food stuff reported a series of related illness associated to the food poisoning. Since April, a total of 1423 persons had been infected with Salmonella Saintpaul in a total of 43 States with Georgia reporting the highest number of 43 victims. Salmonella refers to a group of bacterial that causes diarrheal illness in human and animals. Most victims develop fever, abdominal cramps and diarrhea within 12-72 hours of consumption.

Current industry or environmental update

After carrying out a series of case control studies, clusters associated with certain restaurants were found, most of the clusters indicated fewer than 5 ill persons. The results indicated that more than one food vehicle was involved in the attack. Neither tomatoes, nor do jalapeno would explain the outbreak. No tomatoes, serranno peppers or jalapeno implicated had originated from the USA, however a number of clusters indicated that the food had originated from Mexico and a distribution channel based in McAllen Texas.

What is the controversy?

The controversy is that the exact cause of Salmonella infection is not yet clear, although the agencies were still investigating on the matter, lack of straight forward and clear information on the outbreak had led to confusion and law suits from the concerned consumers.

Applicable Industry Standards, Statutes, Federal Laws, Ethical Guidelines

Note the applicable industry standards, statutes, federal laws, and ethical guidelines clearly state that .

1. The Federal government along side relevant agencies have the mandate to ensure that all the US food supply is “safe, nutritious and wholesome” and monitor and approve food labeling standards.

2. The Federal agencies should act pursuant to laws that are passed by the congress. these agencies should develop detailed regulations necessary to enforce the laws. Some of these Acts are the Food Quality protection Act and the Public Service Health Act.

3. Every one has the legal right of being protected from unsafe food stuff by the government, failure to do so can result to law suit.

Risk Management Summary: Systems Perspective

1. Industry-level perspective of the issue.

The Public Health industry takes full responsibility of this issue, by failing to protect the health of the citizens, it should face the law, alternatively sue those responsible for the outbreak.

2. Organizational perspective and implications of the issue.

Organizations related to consumer rights should sue all the relevant bodies for negligence.

3. Professional and individual perspectives and implications of the issue.

Professionally, food vendors should be careful and practice professionalism when dealing with food, individually, one may not be aware of what awaits him, due to lack of power to tell whether something is fit for consumption or not.

4. Patient or consumer perspective of the issue.

Should blame the responsible bodies for failing to prevent the outbreak, should put in practice all precautionary measures afterwards.

Risk Management and Leadership Implications for Addressing Issue A

Consumers in every part of the country were advised to refrigerate all the mentioned items within 2 hours discard all peeled or cooked tomatoes, avoid buying damaged tomatoes ,thoroughly wash them in running water, separate raw tomatoes from other foods, practice extremely high hygiene in the kitchen. Contact Salmonella lawyers if infected and avoid discarding the consumed tomatoes.

All US retail outlets, foodservice providers and restaurants should only offer fresh salads and food products from the mentioned items. In conclusion, the Federal government and all the concerned agencies a t state and local level should pay close attention to all the food supplied in the US market and ensure that set standards have been met.ces


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