Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Critical review of classmates’ reports.

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Complete 2 pages APA formatted article: Critical review of classmates’ reports. Critical review mates reports on Dalai Lama’s Dialogue with Business Leaders at Santa Clara Dalai Lama is a moral and spiritual figure from the Indian origin and is considered a world-wide spiritual and moral leader because of his embodiment of compassion. He has dedicated his life to serving humanity. He has been very successful in solving human conflicts in the world by using compassionate and peaceful resolution methods. He has been awarded the United States Congressional Gold Medal in 2007 for his efforts in contributing towards peace keeping, non-violence, kindness and compassion. His areas of commitment are more in the promotion of forgiveness, tolerance, reducing of conflict and competition, self-discipline, human values of compassion, and ethics.

There are two types of compassion that Dalai Lama discusses. One type of compassion is concerned with a sense of concern for other which only involves the sense of sentiments or feeling of concern. The other type of compassion is concerned with not only the sense of sentiment but also the responsibility to do something. The two types of compassion can be explained through an example of a businessman who has lost all his fortune through fraud. In the first type of compassion, a person only sympathizes with the businessman but in the second type of compassion, a compassionate person would help that person get back on productive business by giving him advice or material help. The second type of compassion should be included in virtue, deontological or utilitarian ethics as it promotes productive compassion.

There are two types of competition discussed by Dalai Lama. The first type of competition is the one where a person competes in order to progress and reach the top level. This type of competition is positive. Another type of competition is negative where a person competes in order to become top be creating obstacle to the other people involved. For example, an employee can work hard and learn the loopholes of the company so that he is able to strategically work to deliver high quality results which will result in his promotion. This is positive competition. On the other hand, another employee may use schemes such as bad-mouthing and corruption in order to be promoted.

It is very true that one is able to be very busy on one level and at the same time, on deeper level, be in a state “of composure and calmness.” This is because the cognitive level can be very engaged in deep state of mind while the emotional state of mind remains very calm and composed. For example, I have experienced this state of composure and calmness in a working environment with excessive emotional conflict and still stayed composed to deeply analyze statistical data required by the management.

The belief of Dalai Lama that the world would have less conflicts and less violence if there were female leaders is based on his analysis of compassion on women. Women are more compassionate than men. They are also sensitive biologically to the pains suffered by other people. Thus they are less likely to spark neither conflict nor violence in the world. I do not agree with this view. There are women leaders which do no demonstrate nay difference in compassionate from their male counterparts. Furthermore, these qualities are based on personality more than on gender.

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Incorporating Ethics and Compassion into Business Life: A Conversation between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Academic and Business Leaders. Transcript (94k PDF), downloaded March 17, 2014 from

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