Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: History of Climatology in the St. Louis Metro Area.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: History of Climatology in the St. Louis Metro Area. Louis shows the occurrence of strong or violent tornadoes mainly between November and February.

The occurrence of tornadoes forms one of the fatal causes of damages caused by storms. In most situations, tornadoes occur in abrupt instances. Early warning and signs of tornadoes occurrences may be challenging to determine2. This calls for prompt planning and preparation for the occurrence of tornadoes, given the expansive effects that they may cause. It is noteworthy to get prepared and know how to act during the occurrence of tornadoes. As a safety measure, one should take shelter upon warning by a siren on the occurrence of a tornado. Finding information from the media on the situation forms a safety measure, as well. The use of generators in case of power loss after a tornado should be a careful undertaking. Following instructions of generator use is critical in ensuring safety.

Reports by NOAA of the United States show that the temperature and precipitation in October reached average levels3. This was a recorded temperature of 53.90 F. This was 0.30F lower than the figure recorded during the year 2011. The precipitation, as recorded in October 2012, increased by a scale of an estimated two inches compared to the long-term average recorded. A considerable area of the United Nations, by October 30, was under drought. Most of the drought spread over the Great Plains. There were sandy beaches in the east of the United States. The October monthly report on climate also shows the consistency of droughts in the west.

Data on the St. Louis County weather shows different tornado occurrences in St. Louis. The F4 tornado that occurred on the 24th of January 1967 caused a massive effect across a wide area. According to the data, there were three cases of deaths and 216 reports on injuries4. Another F0 tornado that occurred on the 10th February 1959 however had no reported cases of deaths caused. There was an occurrence of an F4 tornado on the 22nd April 2011 in the St. Louis area. On the 27th of February 2011, an F1 tornado was experienced over the St. Louis area which spread over to affect the area near Rosemary lane and extensive damage to trees.

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