Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Particle as It Travels through the Water Cycles.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Particle as It Travels through the Water Cycles. The heat from the sun warms the water droplet present on the surface of the ocean, evaporates it, and turns it into water vapor. It rises up into the air and continues to rise until strong wind grabs the water vapor and takes it hundreds of miles away from the ground. The warm wind rising from the surface of the earth takes the water droplet higher, where the temperature of the wind is much cooler(Natural Water Cycle).

When the temperature of the water vapor decreases it changes back into the water droplet. This process is called condensation. If the wind is cold enough the water vapor turns into ice crystal, like the one that forms the cirrus cloud. The water vapor then condenses on the particles of smoke, salt crystal, or dust, in order to become part of the cloud. Later the droplet combines with the other droplet and forms a much bigger droplet which may fall on the earth as precipitation. The gravitational force helps to pull this comparatively large water droplet towards the surface. Once the water droplet starts falling on the surface there are many places where it may fall. It may fall on the leaf of the tree from where it may be headed towards the cloud for being a part of the water cycle again. The natural water cycle is considered to be important for life on earth and is taking place for billions of years. It is a fact that the water we consume today has also been used by dinosaurs millions of years ago but yet it has been cleaned many times since then(The Water Cycle).

If the water droplet misses the leaf, there are still a number of places where it may land. For example, the water droplet may also land on the patch of dry dirt present in a flat field. If the water droplet lands on a field then it may sink in the ground and then start its journey as groundwater. The drop then continues to move as groundwater. however, its journey ends when it finds its way out of the ground.

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