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Compose a 2000 words assignment on matrimonial marriages and muslims in uk. Needs to be plagiarism free! According to Abram (2007), marriage in Islam refers to ‘Nikah’, a contract between a man and a woman and is practised following the Islamic Sharia Laws. The ‘Sharia’ is a complete set of guidelines and rules that guide Muslim to practice Islam in the right manner. It has specific terms and conditions for marriages, as well (Janin & Kahlmeyer, 2007). Sharia’ states-general laws and codes of conduct for the bride and groom in terms of their relationship before and after Nikah and the etiquettes (Sayeed, 2010).

As stated by Abdul-Rauf (1996), in an Islamic marriage a woman is free to agree or disagree with the Nikah on her own will. It requires acceptance and agreement of both bride and groom. However, according to Sharia, the bride and groom are not allowed to meet each other. They cannot also indulge in any kind of physical interaction before Nikah (Abram, 2007). The pre-marital interaction conditions for both the bride and groom are very strict and requires a ‘mahram’ if they both are meeting. The purpose of the ‘mahram’ is to observe that all basic elements of modesty are practised during their conversation and interaction (Janin & Kahlmeyer, 2007). Both the bride and groom are encouraged not to meet privately as it can be dangerous and is prohibited (Moghissi, 2005).

According to the Government of Pakistan (2014), 97% of the population in Pakistan is Muslim. Because of this reason, marriages in Pakistan are practised following the Islamic laws and guidelines while man and woman are bound in the relationship following a ‘Nikah’ (Mehdi, 2013, p.161). Marriage according to Pakistani culture is not only a bond between the bride and groom but their respective families as well. However, the process undergoes various events and functions (Mohiuddin, 2007, p.250).

According to Mali (2005), Pakistani weddings are majorly arranged marriages, therefore, the families try to interact with each other through a variety of events.)&nbsp.This is, however, a common culture in the Asian subcontinent as well.

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