conflict is an external

1. A conflict is an external, or outside, event that causes an internal, or inside, response from you. What event or problem put you in a new, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar situation to which you had to react? List and describe the “moment” that you want to write about. Think about details like who was there and what important objects were around at that moment.

· My cousins and I were chased one Halloween by a group of people wearing sheets, caring long knives and wood burning on sticks. I can recall hearing voices shouting ” get those niggers”. I also remembered losing one of my shoes and three of us hiding under a car in someone’s yard. Some us had to drop our bags to increase our speed. It was very dark. The area had many trees, there were houses but they were spaced out and some had a light on, but others did not. We were shocked, scared and crying because this felt like a dream or movie.

2. Put your main idea for your essay into words and type it in the response box.

Once upon a time I felt like I was in Halloween movie

· being chased by a gang in white sheets, but it really happened.

3. Answer the following questions and then click “Save to My Journal.” Each Paragraph 5 – 7 sentences.
4.  5. List the focus of your first paragraph


List the focus of your second paragraph

List the focus of your third paragraph.


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