Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses how do we create a set of priorities in relation to population and environment.

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Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses how do we create a set of priorities in relation to population and environment. How do we create a set of priorities in relation to population and environment?

The question that gets asked when one is dealing with a population or the environment is why prioritize? This is because all human being would want to save and handle all the issues within their environment. Human beings have plenty of things to do, but as a result of limited time and or energy, they cannot deal with them all. It is key to prioritize because some matters may be graver than others and availability of resources is also a factor. Many things get left undone, no matter how hard one tries. Priorities normally capitalize on opportunities that are available. It has got to do with the anticipated returns, the risk that becomes potentially faced and the timing of the returns (McMullin-Messier 34). To be able to create a set of priorities, one must have the ability to see what tasks are more vital at each moment and give such tasks more of their energy, time and attention. When one focuses his or her efforts on those top value activities, one can have meaningful and significant, long term consequences.

Provision of healthcare should become a priority for all nations worldwide. This is because a great percentage of loss of life is as a result of either lack of or poor health care. This issue also gets surrounded by many political, institutional and environmental constraints. This influences decision making in the health care section because, during the process, there are numerous interest groups and weaknesses in democratic voting mechanisms. If health care does not become a priority, then many parties manipulate the decisions that pertain to the provision of health care and vary the quality of care distributed among the population. This may be extremely risky for a nation because if the population is not healthy then there is a reduction in production. Prioritizing healthcare will lead to better care, affordable care and healthy people. This will improve health outcomes and increase the effectiveness of care for all populations (McMullin-Messier 89). More resources should be allocated to the healthcare sector in terms of money, manpower, machines and researchers. More opportunities should also get provided for those that are interested to study medicine in order to avail more manpower for this sector.

Environmental movements worldwide should also be prioritized because the key goal of such organizations is improve the environment and maintain what is still good. They tackle environmental issues worldwide that deal with climate change, air pollution, water pollution, human encroachment and deforestation. These organizations should be prioritized because they do not deal with environmental issues in an abstract manner. They are immensely hands on as they interact closely with different populations. They become particularly successful in changing the attitudes of citizens on issues that concern loss of ecosystems used for inexpensive recreation. We need to prioritize them and provide them with resources that can enable them change citizens behaviors in terms of lifestyle modification. If nations are to prioritize environmental organizations, it means they can dictate the environmental issues that they would wish these organizations to tackle more like global warming.

Distinguishing what is crucial among many things that we care about is always terribly difficult. Prioritization happens long before decisions can be made. This is because there are issues that are more urgent than others. When thinking of issues that deal with population and environment, one should prioritize something that will use the resources and opportunities it has to bring changes to more than a single sector of the population or environment. For example if we tackle healthcare it means that we tackle production indirectly (McMullin-Messier 148). This is because a healthy population produces more. This is similar for the environmental organizations. They are able to deal with more than one issue at a go.

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