Critically Appraising Published Articles

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In articles 1 and 2, which of the following two meta-analytical studies of intervention effectiveness do you think has the stronger methodology and more persuasive conclusions? Why? Finally, pick article 3 or 4 and identify the main strengths
and/or main weaknesses of the reporting survey
research studies:

1. Maxfield, L., & Hyer, L. (2002). The relationship between efficacy and methodology in studies investigating EMDR treatment of PTSD. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 58, 23–41.

2. Burke, B. L., Arkowitz, H., & Menchola, M. (2003). The efficacy of motivational interviewing: A meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials. Journal of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, 71(5), 843–861.

3. Rubin, A., & Parrish, D. (2007). Views of evidence-based practice among faculty in MSW programs: A national survey. Research on Social Work Practice, 17(1), 110–122.

4. Adams, R. E., Figley, C. R., & Boscarino, J. A. (2008). The Compassion Fatigue Scale: Its use with social workers following urban disaster. Research on Social Work Practice, 18(3), 238–250

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