Death penalty in South Carolina

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Polls show that roughly two-thirds of Americans support
the death penalty; however, the recent trend has seen a slowdown in the
number of executions. In 1999, there were 98 executions in the United
States, but only 46 executions in 2010. While 34 states and the federal
government allow capital punishment, only 12 states actually carried out
an execution in 2010 (Dieter, 2011).


In this assignment, you will discuss the death penalty
in your own state. Write a 2- to 3-page paper discussing the following

  • Does South Carolina allow the death
    penalty? If so, please give some examples of aggravating and mitigating
    factors that your state recognizes. If your state does not allow the
    death penalty, discuss the history of the death penalty in your state
    and what the state offers in the alternative.
  • Describe whether South Carolina’s policy has
    had any impact on crime. Include in your discussion the crime rates in
    comparison to the number of executions. Do you agree or disagree with
    your state’s policy regarding the death penalty?
  • Speculate on what you think the future
    holds for the death penalty in the United States. Consider the recent
    Supreme Court’s decisions, the groups calling for the end of capital
    punishment, the cost of executions, and any other factors that may
    influence the future. Explain your conclusions.

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