Decreasing police brutality and shootings

Submit an annotated bibliography by no later than Sunday of week 3.

Topic: “Decreasing police brutality and shootings: Orlando, Florida, police department training”.

Be sure that you include a minimum of 3-4 peer reviewed sources (published within the last 10 years) from the APUS online databases for the annotated bibliography. These must be academic sources – do not include data sources here (although keep them for the References list in the final project). The annotated bibliography must be relevant to your ‘working title’ of your research proposal. Please note that each annotation should be around 250 words to briefly yet fully synthesize the article.  In addition, these three to four sources are not the only sources that you will use in your proposal. They are a means for the professor to make sure you are on the right track, selecting the right kind of literature, and are able to compile an annotated bibliograp

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