Deep Structure Of Culture

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For this assignment you will answer the following 5 questions . Please respond with 700 words ,and provide citations, and references


“Mom and Dad, Guess what . . .”

Family attitudes toward nontraditional marriages have a profound impact on the success of our romantic relationships and how those attitudes have changed in the last three decades. The deep structures of culture have an indelible impact on our behavior and life decisions.

Imagine that you need to present your parents the news that you are entering into a committed relationship with someone who has a disability, practices a different religion, is of a different race OR ethnicity or is of the same sex. Think about your parents beliefs and attitudes and how they might respond and then think about how you would explain your thoughts and beliefs to them about this situation.

• What differences do you see between the imagined responses of your parent/s and your own responses?

• What is acceptable today that was not acceptable in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s or even later? What attitudes have changed very little?

• How might a family be affected by such nontraditional and intercultural marriages?

• Have you or a member of your family ever entered into a relationship with someone who was culturally different or different from what was “expected”? If so, how did people react to this new family member?

  • How does our society react in 2017 to issues such as there? What has changed?

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